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As for as grad school financing, how does all of this work, especially with trying to move out of state and not being able to work?

I am from Alabama and hope to go to grad school out of state, but I as far expenses are concerned and not being able to work once I get into grad school... I don't see it possible. I want to become a physician assistant.

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Veronikha Salazar

You should be looking for teaching assistantships or graduate assistantships. graduate schools offer them though they could be limited.
my advice is to contact a professor or the department you want to get a degree from nd ask them about it. professors (depending on the field) get funding to support research, hence, funding to hire students to assist them with their research.

Assistantships allow you to get experience in the field you are in as much as get a stipend while school pays for your tuition while you work for them as a TA/GA

Answered 2 years ago

Veronikha Salazar