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Rachelle Howard


Don't worry about "what pays good." It is better to do what you love than focus on the pay. If you follow your passion, the pay will come! :)

As far as 'helping people' there are MANY paths you can go! You could go into the medical field, teaching, advocacy, counseling, social services and also the nonprofit sector. There are so many options and pathways!

Maybe first look into what you are specially interested in. Do you like children? Elderly? Science? Art? Social justice? Start with a broad perspective, and while in college you will slowly narrow your interests to find that "perfect job." You don't need to know what job you want right when you start college. While in college, you will discover new things and you might even change your mind. Keep your options open and just focus on a "field of study!"

Hope I helped!

Answered 7 years ago

Rachelle Howard