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The best part about a business degree is that every job out there is related to business. Deciding the best concentration that would fit your interests depends on exactly that... you're interests. Management I've found provides not only business management skills but also life skills. If you're a number person, perhaps finance or accounting would be best. Or if you are a creative and like to conduct research as to why people buy things, what they buy, and how aware they are about a certain product or brand then perhaps marketing is the way to go. There are also ways to focus on leadership as well. My biggest advice is to think about the type of business you wish to work for and learn as much as you can about them and figure out what draws you to them and why. Do they focus on community service and giving back to the community such as Toms? Do they provide continued technological advancement such as Apple? Do they focus on the culture of their company in order to provide the best quality work environment which carries over into their business such as Google? You need to decide which elements are important to you and that will help you decide what you want to focus on. Hope this helps. let me know if you need more clarification.

Answered 8 years ago