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Ken Simmons

Congratulations on wanting to help people.

The best way to start out is to work for an organization which is similar to the one in which you have interest in creating. That way, you can experience the result of others hard work and not have to go through the mistakes that go along with creating your own. You son't want to let the people in that organization know that you are interested in setting up your own, as you may decide that you want to be part of theirs. I have seen many situations where a person with such an interest as yours, setting out to become the most valuable person in such an organization, was able to become a major person in the organization and even have it turned over to them when the major players decided to step down.

Here is a great free source of information relating to starting and running a small business
SCORE.ORG. It is a part of the Small Business Administration comprised of Retired Executives who volunteer to help people starting up and running small businesses. They have people in many communities.

Best of luck. Keep me posted. I would like to help further, if I can.

Answered 4 years ago

Ken Simmons