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Ken Simmons

The transition program should be able to help with interest and aptitude testing and counseling.

Here is a site that will help in many ways:

Go to the local community college and talk to them about taking interest and aptitude testing and then go to the director of alumni relations to arrange to talk to graduates of your programs of interest to get valuable information. Here are some tips on getting helpful information:

This site might give you more assistance in determining what direction in which you might want to go:

Please let me know if and how this might be of help. I would like to help further, if I had more information.

Answered 1 month ago

Ken Simmons

Michael Martone

You may be best off speaking to an advisor at school. There are a few business majors to concentrate in... Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration and Business Management are usually the core concentrations a student will choose from. Since there are so many options sitting down with an advisor and talking about each concentration will serve you best.

Answered 3 years ago

Michael Martone

Raj Krishnamoorthy


I can help you out to find a career which is right for you. Let me know your background and area of interest that will give me an idea to steer you or point you in the right direction. You can also check some of the Mentor's profiles on this website and that will give you an idea for a good start. For the moment, check out this website


Let me know if you've any questions.

Thanks, Raj

Answered 4 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy