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George Hibbler

There are many ways to make money. A "lot' of money is too ambiguous a statement. A "lot" of money can mean different things to different people. A hundred dollars may be considered a "lot" of money to an unemployed, single mother, with three children. Conversely, to a person making $250K, one hundred dollars may not really seem like a "lot:" of money. I am not quite sure what a "lot" of money means to you.

However, I am going to assume that, since you're in school or about to enter school, you are wanting to know what are some high paying careers you may want to consider to study. Again, I say "there are many ways to make money." Based on my experience, I would direct you to look at careers in the healthcare, and or IT. I work in the both the healthcare and IT field, and I find that all things considered, the pay can be satisfying.

I hope that you consider my response of some help.

Take care

Answered 7 years ago

George Hibbler