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Is enrolling in my university's five year program really worth it for me?

I am wondering whether or not it is a good idea to enroll in my college’s five year program. My time to do this is running out because I am a senior, and I only have two semesters left. Here are the pros and cons.
• Guaranteed acceptance, as long as I can earn a 420 or higher on the GMAT.
• I really like my professors, they are always willing to help, mentor, and answer questions. One my instructors studied law at Harvard University, another earned his PhD from MIT, while another, who basically designed the AACSB (Accredited Association for Collegiate Schools of Business) program attended NYU Stern.
• It will only take me a year to graduate with an MBA, whereas with other schools it will take much longer.
• According to Princeton Review, my school is ranked among the top 295 business schools.
• I can have a competitive advantage among other people, who are graduating and will not have an MBA, and I do not have to wait to gain three to four years of experience. I am terrified about never being able to go to business school, because I keep on striking out during face-to-face interviews.
• Administration is truly a deal breaker. To cut back on costs they are willing to sacrifice their students and employees lives. This winter we had school when the parking lot was an ice rink, and I was sliding to walk to class.
• My school is not ranked among the Big 10. I have been having a very difficult time with finding an internship to the point where I am stressing out, am slightly angry with myself and with God (if he exists). While I do not know if this will change my luck, going to certain schools might definitely have an impact.
I was recently accepted into Beta Gamma Sigma, and according to their website certain universities are willing to cut back on their requirements. So, what if I am giving up the opportunity to attend a better, higher achieving business school?
• Tuition costs are very high for the type of ranking that my school holds.
I was influenced to attend my college, because it is one of the best business schools around here. There are only two of them in my area, which are really worth anything. My college, and another school that is very political. Without my scholarships I would be debt for hundreds of thousands. The tuition is $35,000+/year. This could be offset if I managed to get a highly-coveted position as a GA, I think.
I want some opinions from people who actually attended business school. While I have caring, generous professors who are willing to the best advice that they can because they want their students to succeed, I am worried that they would be biased. (Many of my instructors are in the top 1% and their only working there because they want to have a positive influence on the lives of young adults, but they also hold a certain loyalty to their employer).

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Ken Simmons

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Answered 4 years ago

Ken Simmons

Marilyn Meissler

If you will be graduating with an MBA, it is worth it. Employer's don't really take into consideration the college but that you have the knowledge/skills to do the job.

Answered 7 years ago

Marilyn Meissler