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Eric Budiman


Most programs will have a list of classes they want you to have completed if you plan to apply to their dental school. Fortunately, most of the requirements are the same, but some will want an additional class or lab that is different from the others. The best thing to do would be choose a few dental schools that you are interested in, look at their application requirements, and see what classes your university offers that matches. This is a must if you already know which schools you plan to apply to. The worst thing would be having your application rejected because you did not take 1 class that was on their required list.

In general, most programs require:
1 year of biology + lab
1 year of physics + lab
1 year of chemistry + lab
1/2-1 year of biochemistry
1 year of math
Additional general ed classes

The dental schools usually are not too picky on which bio/physics/chem/math classes you take. For example, whether it be intro to bio or advanced bio, they will count them both.

Answered 7 years ago

Eric Budiman