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I have many different interests for a job but how could I put my interests into a job?

I enjoy playing my saxophone, hiking, helping others with advice with life, self help books and bettering yourself, teaching people things, writing, arts and crafts, being outdoors, yoga and listening to peoples perceptions on life in general.

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Raj Krishnamoorthy

I think its good to have lot of interests and really helps in lot of ways over the course of lie. As far as job is concerned , it depends on what you want. Job can be passion and gives you satisfaction and happiness at the end of the day. You could do job for living and may be practice your passion on the side. Once that passion becomes a vision and a plan - just do it. It depends on goals and objectives of your life. When you spend more time and effort on your passion, lets say that you want to switch off to recharge yourself, may be one of these interest may help you to do that. Other way to look at it is over the period of time one of these interests could become your passion and develop into a vision/goal of your life. Keep working on it and you will connect sooner rather than later.
Thanks, Raj

Answered 8 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy