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I want to do ultrasounds especially for pregnant women but I'm in school majoring for accounting. I'm having a very difficult time trying to figure out where i want to be. What should i do?

I'm a single mother of two, working two jobs, and living alone. Decisions are hard for me especially big ones. I feel lost as a person. And no I don't have time to take time off for myself because i have things that i need to take care of. I'm really unsure where i should head next.

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Christina Ladas

Assessments are quite helpful and many are available for free. Try these on http://www.careeronestop.org/ExploreCareers/assessments/self-assessments.aspx

Interest assessment
Skills assessment
Work values

These should give a start!

Answered 11 months ago

Christina Ladas

Eric Noriega

Everyone has been lost, that is normal, I am not a counselor but I been through the same thing. i changed my major more than twice. And so don't be worried everything will fall into place. Patience is what you need to master.
Wen you are unsure of things. Write a list of things to do. and cross them out one by one weekly and by the end of the week, YOU can have time off for yourself.

Decisions are hard to make especially if you feel pressured, but also remember all of your options. And never stop asking for help r suggestions from peers or family.

Answered 1 year ago

Eric Noriega