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I'm very interested in enrolling in a Master's in Higher Education program as I would love to have a career in student affairs. What are some helpful websites to find good programs?

Also, I'm looking into more options such as obtaining a Master's in the education field focused on social justice education, diversity issues, educational studies, etc. Any insight into programs such as these?

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Veronikha Salazar

Every college offers different programs. You may need first to check the schools you are interested in and see the Master's programs in Higher Education they offer.
A website/Organization i would recommend is www.naspa.org (This will help you get a feel of the careers in Higher Education.
In it you will find help in topics such as:
Investing in our Future Webinar Series
Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession MOOC
Graduate Program Directory
Factors to Consider when Applying to Graduate School

Hope this helps some!

Answered 8 years ago

Veronikha Salazar