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Raj Krishnamoorthy

I think my recommendation would be to start off with your interests and make gradual progress from there. If you had prior experience or degree in any specific area may be that is where I would recommend to start off with and you can decide as you progress. This way you gain experience over the period of time and the momentum, there after based on job profile you can make a decision. This is just my personal perspective. One of my friend, she was more or less in the same situation as yours, she entered into health care then slowly moved into business analyst area in healthcare. So there are options to start off with and also you can look for temporary, full time, part time or working from home options too based on your needs. These depend on the type of company and the industry you are in. I have listed few websites if these helps


You can also use linkedin.com to connect with your ex-colleagues or school mates to find out a suitable position for you. www.linkedin.com

Thanks, Raj

Answered 9 years ago

Raj Krishnamoorthy