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Saudah Mazyck

If you mean can you get a job as an engineer directly from your two year associates degree from a community college, the answer is no. For the purposes of this answer I am assuming an Engineer means that you are eligible to attain your Professional Engineers license as a result of your schooling. The term engineer is often thrown around loosely to describe jobs that have no basis in engineering, ie sanitation engineers. Back to the topic, a 4 year undergraduate degree from an accredited university program is generally required (Bachelor of Engineering). At least in Canada, community colleges offer Engineering Technologist or Engineering Technician programs. They are different, but both work in a role assisting engineers in either design, research or field work.

Associate degrees can be used as a path to follow on into a full 4 year bachelor of engineering program, but questions such as prerequisites and admissions would be better directed to the schools you are thinking of applying to. The best way to get scholarships would be to look at the universities website, they usually list a number of potential scholarship opportunities that you can apply for. In addition, most universities automatically consider you for entrance scholarships when you apply.

As for your GPA, it could depend on the program, definitely if you have transfer credits that count towards your degree, they would also count towards your GPA. Once again, this would be a question better discussed with admissions, or an academic adviser.

Answered 7 years ago

Saudah Mazyck