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I am really glad you are interested in engineering!

Some questions to consider about engineering as a career.

Do you like to solve problems and understand how things work?
Are you OK with math?
Do you like computers?

There are several fields in engineering to consider. Here are a few you may want to look at the web site of an engineering school...

Electrical - work with anything from small things like semiconductors (a tough industry now) to large things like power distribution and solar electricity.

Chemical - work for a chemical company or oil company. Have you taken chemistry in school?

Civil - this one is very cool! You get to work on building and repairing large civil objects like roads and bridges and other structures.

Packaging - the design of packages. Also cool as we try and waste less with packaging.

Mechanical - the grand daddy of engineering which relates to mechanical objects like cars and any moving structure.

There are more but I hope this is a good intro. We need more engineers so I really hope this grabs you.


Answered 9 years ago