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Roger Akerman

Environmental engineering involves water and waste water treatment, and pollution prevention or mitigation measures

Answered 3 years ago

Roger Akerman


Really glad you have interest in engineering as I worked in the electronics (semiconductors) industry for over 25 years.. Here is my opinion...

Electrical: Semiconductor market is NOT a good industry to go into as many companies are merging together which means less jobs. However other areas within Electrical are good like medical devices and things like battery management (electric cars) will grow in the next 20 years.

Mechanical: Great one to use across many industries as almost everything has mechanical design needs. Ex: Airplanes, automotive, Nano devices etc..

Environmental: I am not very knowledgeable in this area but I think it should be a great new area as there is a real need to become more energy efficient and also clean up the air pollution and liquid and solid waste out there. Also you could feel VERY GOOD about your efforts to help the environment. One issue is it was a hot area for the past 5 years with much investment into small companies but then manyof these companies went bankrupt. However I think in the longer term for example 5 years later when you would graduate this is a good area.

Bioengineering: I think this must be a very HOT new area as the interface between biological and mechanical systems is an area with new innovations happening. Example prosthetics (artificial body parts) as well as creating new food sources or even things like algae for new fuels. You should enjoy biology to go in this area. Have you studied it in high school yet?

Nano technology: also a HOT field as there is a desire to make new machines very small such as a pill that you can swallow that would scan and fix things inside of your body!

This is just a start. Hope it is making you go and look for more info

Cheers Peter

Answered 4 years ago