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CJ Tracy

Those are very different fields. Make a list of what draws you to each (share here if you'd like help evaluating). Also, are you familiar with biomedical engineering?

What is your motivation for considering these two fields?

A few simple considerations:
Engineering requires more skill in math and physics (many premed kids fear physics).
You can get started in an engineering career with far less schooling.
Do you enjoy interacting with strangers on a daily basis? Are you compassionate?
Medicine is far more competetive but also pays much better. Because it is so competetive, you must be extremely passionate about your goal and very good at school and standardized tests (MCATs). Also, medical school is very expensive.
Would you like working in a hospital or medical office environment?

What medical specialty would you be interested in?
What type of engineering would you be interested in?

Answered 9 years ago

CJ Tracy