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Not sure where you are in your schooling but if you haven't already gone to college this would be a good reason to get educated in technology and go get a job in these fields.

For example...

Computers use electrical engineering in the development of chips (semiconductors) and the design of the PC system which includes the CPU (Intel and AMD) graphics (NVIDIA or AMD) displays TFT (thin filmtransistor) and optical storage (DVD, blue ray) and networking (Wireless LAN)

By the way game consoles like PS4 and XBox1 also use all of these technologies!!

Another few areas using these technologies are mechanical engineering (designing the cool very thin packaging for example) and Heat design = how to keep the chips COOL despite them doing so many calculations to make the wild graphics for the games!.

or another angle is computer graphics which are used to make games. You could study this area...

Big question is are you interested in Math? If you are then you could study engineering. If you hate math then you could be a technicican which helps to do the physical side of the development of these products.

hope this kleps as a first start. respond of you have some specific questions!!


Answered 8 years ago