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Is your diploma an associates degree?

Do you like controls and instruments or do you want to do another type of engineering career?

Working for a Japanese company is very col because the Japanese care for their employees and I expect you learned a lot. I lived in Japan for 4 years and loved it!

I think EE is a good choice to finish your degree but you could do others it might take a bit longer to get all of the credits needed.

I work in semiconductors and have an EE. I wouldn't recommend semiconductors as the industry is moving slowly towards Asia. However there are lots of systems related areas you could work. Medical instrumentation is a very good field for the future as the population is growing older. Not sure if you like medical stuff though?

Lots of good schools for engineering including state schools which are more reasonable tuition wise. If you have more info on your location you could look up the top EE schools on the web to get ideas.

anyway EE is very cool field go for it!!

Hope this helps


Answered 9 years ago