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Satish Vasudevan

Engineering is something that will always be around. So in terms of finding a job/career, there should not be much concern. However what field of Engineering you would like to study depends solely on what you would want to do for a job.
I studied Mechanical Engineering as I was always interested in designing machines. 10 years have gone by and I still have not lost even a bit of interest in what I do.
So ask yourself what interests you the most.
Cars,Ships, Airplanes, energy, construction,water, nuclear energy...the list goes on...
give it some thought and all the very best!

Answered 7 years ago

Satish Vasudevan

Roger Akerman

Civil engineering: Roads, site development, storm water control
Environmental engineering: Water and waste water treatment, pollution measures
Mechanical engineering: Design of equipment used for factory production or transportation
Industrial engineering: Design of equipment used in certain industries, such as aerospace.
Geological engineering: Stability of ground foundation or earth embankments etc
Hydrogeological engineering: Flow of water through the ground , mainly for water supply
Structural engineering: Design of buildings or civil engineering structures such as bridges

Answered 8 years ago

Roger Akerman