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I'm interested in Engineering but not too sure about which particular field yet. I was wondering if majoring in a specific filed of engineering would limit me to specific types of careers? or is Engineering pretty versatile even if I were to major say in biomedical engineering? Is engineering right for me?

I have not completely decided on Engineering yet and I am waiting to take an Introduction to Engineering class at my school next semester (Fall '14) to get a better idea. The only thing is, I see many negative reviews on the teachers at my college and how their teaching style or lack of passion to teach has given some students a bad image on the field of engineering thus shying away prospective engineering students. I don't want to be one of those students who turn down what could be the major I would love to study solely because of a teacher who is just there to get paid and lacks the passion of engaging students and providing helpful insights.

I would just like some insight from the engineering community on how to decide on a specialty and your experience during school and after graduating. I don't necessarily care about how much engineers earn after graduation as I am more concerned whether I will truly enjoy my studies and/or possible careers after finishing school.

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Steve Zinaman

To become an engineer in the private sector (non governmental) you not only need a highly focused specialty, you need to be at the top of your class. Bio-medical engineers are highly sought after by the pharmacutical and prosthetic industries. Nuclear engineers are finding hiughly focused roles in hi-tech medical diagnostics and renewable energy entities. Sikorsky Helicopters and Boeing Aerospace are seeking mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers.

Obviously, the government and large utilities throughout the country are always in need of engineering specialists. Look for summer internships through your school.

But you must find the specialty that interests you and where your passion and drive will lead you down the path for success.

Answered 7 years ago

Steve Zinaman