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Linda Blondis

What are your goals? Without knowing your goals, neither I nor anyone else can help you reach them.

As a person with an undergraduate degree in human development (e.g., psychology, sociology, anthropology, and biology) an MA in English Literature, and ABD (all but dissertation on my PhD in Literature, from top schools, I can tell you that unless you want to be in academia or teach in secondary schools, graduate work in humanities won't get you much of anything, especially if it is not from a top school.

These days, an MBA won't help much either, unless it is from one of the top 20 schools, preferably from the top ten.

The world has changed an enormous amount since I got my degrees. After leaving the PhD program at Berkeley (tied with Yale as the best at that point), I got a book entitled "Aside from Teaching English, What Can I Possibly Do?. The answer was not much. They recommended advertising, which sounds glamorous, but isn't and is difficult to get into; publishing: same story; and public relations: same story.

I loved teaching. (I had taught for six years as a graduate student) so I tried to get a job doing corporate training. There was a book then that was very popular called "What Color is Your Parachute?" Using its techniques, I did "informational interviewing" and found a woman who had a job that sounded like it fit me like a glove. She indicated that her colleague Paul was creating a similar job that would be available in two weeks. I made a note to call her in two weeks and she was just looking at Paul's job description. I called him and we met. He told me that he was looking for someone who knew everything about teaching and nothing about banking. I told him that I qualified on both counts. He hired me and he told me about and got me interested in product management. I called many managers at the bank and pestered one person until he hired me. I became an IRA Product Manager and then in charge of all the bank's small business retirement plans.

Serendipity and hard work. And guess what? That was many years ago, and Paul and I are still friends. I just saw him in New York.

Today, when it seems that college grads are flipping burgers, careers just happen.

Specifically define a step by step action plan to your goal and then be willingly to take biways to a different goal.

Answered 7 years ago

Linda Blondis

Frederick Pence

What are your goals?

Answered 8 years ago

Frederick Pence