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I was actually really hoping to ask you some questions about being a social worker. I just changed my major to social work and haven't really had an opportunity to learn much more about it.

What different career options does someone have with a degree in Social Work? I'm ultimately hoping to work with some type of national or international nonprofit organization that helps children in need, but I don't know if a degree in social work would be a good place to start.

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Steve Zinaman

My daughter is an MSW and has two jobs. One for the city of New York, elder care...and one in a private practice in New Jersey, couple therapy.

It's a great field and the road you travel will have many forks. Take your studies seriously. Search out internships, look for an area to specialize. But the field is so diversified that you can find the area where your interests become your passion. Then stick with it. Specialization will be your key. Generalists seem to loose their interest. And go for that PhD, if you can but certainly achieve your MSW. Good luck.

Answered 8 years ago

Steve Zinaman