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Some college that are parts of universities are divided into colleges: arts and letters, what you studied in high school; business; engineering, etc. However, most colleges offer only arts and letters, which is divided up into several ares: humanities; social studies; engineering; art; business, etc. Some college also offer more specialized majors, such as criminal science.

Humanities is basically the study of human language and history. Examples of courses in the humanities are; composition; creative writing; English literature; foreign language and literature; rhetoric; journalism; history; and Media studies.

Examples of courses in the social sciences are: anthropology; psychology; archaeology; political science and sociology.

Most colleges have some sort of basic requirement. Where I went to college we had no choice for the first two years. Either we passed out of courses or we had to take mandated courses in the humanities, social sciences, science, and math. Usually, however, colleges will require a certain number of course hours in each of these major divisions in at least the first two years.

Answered 7 years ago