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I am a Criminal Justice and Psychology major at Westfield State and I am struggling with what I want to do with that. I know I want a job that is mobile and I really do not think law school would interest me, I feel like being s certain kind of officer would or just working with inmates, victims or people in custody. I just know I do not want an office job.

I have a great sense of what is right and wrong even though there is a huge gray area, I know which side is most deserving when I hear all the information given to me. I am the friend people turn to for any sort of advice, and I am also a peace maker too since I work out any problems that can be resolved. I do like to get work done alone, but i do like to work with people and get some help sometimes as well.

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With your background and interest you might consider a career as a police officer. I know of two people who graduated from Westfield State. One became a State Trooper in different state and another eventually got on with a local police department. The key is getting hired and being willing to go where the jobs are. That's what I did, I moved across country after getting an offer with a good department. The hiring process can take almost a year from when you apply to when you start at the academy (7-9 months is an average). You have to be patient and there's no harm in applying to multiple agencies. You're looking for a job, so you should apply to as many opening you find that interest you. Depending on the department, after three or so years on patrol you'll have opportunities to do different things within the department. Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago