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Christopher Lee

Most cities require a minimum of an Associates Degree to apply for their Police Academy. I would recommend trying to spend the next two years in earning your degree. Some cities have apprenticeship programs or an Auxiliary Police Officer Force. An Auxiliary Police Officer Force is a selection of individuals within the community that get trained in tactics and criminal law and procedure applicable to the city ordinances. They become "extras" for the city police force. I am not sure if your city has one but why don't you just call the local police station to see what they have for your age group? On many occasions I missed opportunities because I never asked a question. Only two outcomes are possible, you get told that there is nothing available/ they do not want to help or they open up doors for opportunities. Just ask. I am not sure what thought you are expressing by stating "my morals will be effected" so I can't help you with that without more details. If you are interested in going to school, sign up in the FASFA program for a student loan or to see if you qualify for a federal grant. Good Luck.

Answered 6 years ago

Christopher  Lee