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Jaime Becker

This sounds like where a non profit would come in. Research and see if there are any non profits along this line and if not, maybe it''s something you can start. There are usually resources out there through the library or other places that will help or give you info on starting a non profit. It's also a really good idea to get others who are interested in the same to help you along the way.

Now what direction can you go with the non-profit that will help others out of the streets is the other questions. Brainstorm ideas, write everything you can think of that comes to mind on paper.

A few ideas would be ways to get them involved in the community or supplying resources that give them options to achieve their dreams. Use some of the already existing programs to help guide you that could be a part of your plan.

Good luck! I hope this helps and I hope you achieve your dream.

Answered 7 years ago

Jaime Becker