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Mario Reed

Although many people believe that the legal profession is about debating , it is more about analysis and articulation of one's position through comparisons. Very rarely do attorneys get the chance to actually go before a judge and "debate" the merits or substantive aspects of a particular case.

More often than not, arguments are made through briefs or motions, and it is not on the basis of what you think or feel, but through a thorough and in-depth analysis of other cases which are similar--or believed to be similar--to the one you are currently debating.

As a result of this approach, simply being fascinated with debate, confident in your self, and knowing what is right is right may not be an exact match of a skill set for being an attorney. The better questions are, "are you a critical thinker", "do you possess the willingness to look at things objectively and use evidence to support your conclusions", "are you interested in reading and writing a lot", and finally, "are you committed to several years of education in what it means to think like a lawyer"?

Answered 8 years ago

Mario Reed