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Lauren Ann

Any undergraduate degree is adequate to apply to law school. I majored in philosophy and found it to be an excellent background because you learn to think logically and you are challenged to read difficult writings. For that reason, I think majors that may not seem intuitive, like mathematics, would actually prepare you well and would distinguish your application. Next, you will prepare to take the LSAT. Take a practice test at home and see how you do. If you are not happy with your result you could consider taking a course or finding a private tutor. Now, all that being said........make sure you inform yourself of the current state of affairs for law grads. Times are tough in the profession. Please take this seriously and do not doubt it. Do not go to a law school that is on one of the lower tiers- you can find articles about this online. And think about how much debt you will be incurring and make sure it is something you can live with. Law is a very interesting and broad field offering many, many opportunities. It's a shame that the market is flooded with too many lawyers. But if you think you may love it - it could be worth it. Good luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Lauren Ann