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I would like to change my major to some type of environmental science i just have no idea where to start or what to search. any input would be helpful ?

I am not yet decided exactly what type of science so ant info on environmental, biotech, social science would be helpful.
any input on jump starting my career would be helpful.
I feel lost in what i want to do so any help in finding my way would be greatly ariciated.

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Steve Zinaman

Environmental Sciences is a huge field. You really need to narrow it down a bit, even to get a degree. My brother who is a physician, started his career with a government grant to study the environmental impact on men and women's fertility. For example, living near electrical wires, or by a swamp, etc.

There;s climate change studies, sustainable energy, ground water, environmental impact studies, and the list goes on and on and on.

You really need to get a high level of focus on the subtext of this field.

What, specifically, in environmental studies, interests you ?

Once you've done that, then it will be a lot easier than you think.

Answered 6 years ago

Steve Zinaman