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Ann Kendzicky

Becoming a doctor is a very long process that starts with getting in to medical school. If this is the path that you would like to pursue, I would recommend that you start by doing some research about medical school requirements and start getting involved in some extracurricular activities related to the medical field. Getting good grades and doing well on the medical college admissions test (MCAT) are very important parts of getting in to medical school, but schools also like to see applicants who are well rounded and are involved in activities like community service, research, tutoring, etc. they also like people who are passionate about something (ex: sports, music, art, politics) and who are involved in leadership positions.

I know it sounds like a lot and seems really overwhelming, but it's possible to gain a lot of valuable experience over the next few years if you use your time wisely.

As for your other question, the only patient contact I've had is through volunteering/shadowing, because I'm not actually a doctor yet (I just got accepted to medical school and won't start until next year), but I would be happy to answer any other questions that you might have about getting ready to apply, so feel free to message me :)


Answered 8 years ago

Ann Kendzicky