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Ann Kendzicky

It depends on what type of lifestyle you want and how often you're willing to be away from your family. The first think you might want to think about though is how long it takes to become a neurosurgeon... first you have to complete your medical school requirements in undergrad and apply to medical school (typically 4 years). Medical school is another 4 years of training, then after medical school you will be required to complete residency training in general surgery (I believe it's 6 years), then additional training as a neurosurgeon (which I believe is 3 years). That's 17 years of training after high school to become an attending neurosurgeon, so keep that in mind when you start making decisions about when you'd like to start having a family. (and I'm not trying to say that you can't get married and start having kids in the middle of the process, it's just a very busy time of your life, so you have to decide if that's the lifestyle you want when you're raising your kids)

The great thing about pursuing this path is that, if you do change your mind, you'll have many opportunities to pursue a different career along the way (I used to want to be a surgeon, but now I think I want to be an oncologist and do research). So don't be discouraged by the lengthy training :)

Good luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Ann Kendzicky