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Aapa.org and nccpa.org

I am a license PA working in Chicago in the field of CT surgery. We PA's have the life; if you like medicine, it's been submitted in countless sources as the new face of health care:

-2 year master's degree, no residency
-you can switch specialties as much as you want
- nationally certified, easy peasy to register with the state you want to practice
- Rx rights-you do everything a MD does, and if your supervising MD puts trust in you, then you don't have restrictions.
-40 hrs per week avg
- avg salary about 85k-90k
-if youre female, you make .70 on the male $1 in the US-- famale PA who specializes makes $300,000 more over her lifetime than if she were a PCP. Still great salary for males too, though.
-5 PAs allowed to one MD in Illinois- you only need one chief, so PAs really are the face to OBAMAcare- not even talking about which party you represent.
-Any other questions please ask. go to the above websites, they are great.

This field is really only for people who love what he-she does. Dont do it for the $$. It IS a lot of effort.

Answered 9 years ago