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I'm am interested in going back to school to pursue a career in the medical field. My question is: how do I choose which medical profession best suits me?

I am passionate about nutrition, naturopathic medicine, working in third world countries, epidemiology, and specializing in diseases that affect third world nations (cholera, malaria, HIV/AIDS, ebola). I'm trying to decide if I should attain my BSN and become a nurse, or take the plunge and start working towards medical school and become a doctor.

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Nancy Duffy

The two fields are very different. Nursing approaches the individual from a holistic perspective and is always focused on health promotion and risk reduction. The BSN studies 'systems' and has knowledge about safety, quality, change and public health. It might be a good fit as you can attain a doctorate and practice as a Nurse Practitioner.
Medicine is more about the diagnosis and cure.
They both are essential to any healthcare team.
I am sure there are career surveys online that might further direct you. Good Luck

Answered 8 years ago

Nancy Duffy