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You have to have a passion to help others. You need to be a caring person as well as giving. You are like a teacher as well. You do a lot of educating and teaching in a lot of the nursing jobs out there in the field. Not all of them are like that but the majority of them are teaching and educating the public. You should enjoy sharing your knowledge and getting rewarded doing this. You would enjoy things changing all the time. The medical field is always changing and you need to stay current with continuing education as well. There are so many fields in nursing. If you look up every specialty a doctor can be, you can guarantee there is a nurse behind him/her with the specialty. I can't write down how many specialties and opportunities there are in nursing. I have enjoyed my 18 years as a nurse. You can always grow as you need to professionally and personally in the field. You make it what you want it to be. You get what you put into it as well. Best of luck. Hope I helped you.

Answered 9 years ago