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Sarah Travis

Nursing is a special profession. It involves working with people, so it is important that you are open to being around people most of the time. It requires individuals who are compassionate, respectful, hard working, and caring. One of the biggest benefits of the nursing profession is the numerous opportunities. As a nurse, you can really go anywhere and do anything. Nursing is international, so if travel is something you're looking for nursing is a great option. It also offers many different shifts- Monday through Friday or three 12-hour shifts a week. On top of the endless opportunities, it does pay well- pay of course depends on location and specialty. If you seek a higher degree, nursing can get you there- you can teach, be an independent practitioner, work in anesthesia, do research. If you enjoy working with people, endless learning opportunities, working among physicians and other healthcare professionals, and making a difference everyday- it is worth it.

Answered 8 years ago

Sarah Travis