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I don't think choosing a masters degree for nursing is ever a bad idea. I have not received my Master's but have thought of it often since I have been an oncology nurse for 18 years. I have pursued questions and ideas if I ever wanted to pursue that route. In my past inquiry, it sounds like the master's degree should be something you want to apply for whatever you are doing in nursing. After your degree, whichever one your choose, it all depends on what your type of practice you are working in that determines the types of patients you will see. So I am a little perplexed. I am not sure what the difference is between the two and what their focuses are based on. I would think family nurse practitioner can only be applied to adults if you are working at a facility that only sees adults. You probably have already read up on the differences of the two. Really dissect the differences between the two and see if that can help you with a decision. Neither one are a bad idea. Best of luck!

Answered 8 years ago