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Tamara Eve Anderson


Congratulations on becoming a senior. You are in the best year of high school!! Anyway, to help answer your question, nursing is a great field to be in right now. To connect with a medical facility that may offer high school students an internship, you may need to go through your high school guidance counsel or job counseling center. To be on a floor in a hospital, you may need some type of malpractice insurance, but that would depend on the type of experience you are looking for. The next step would be to seek out teaching facilities in the area. Some big hospitals offer volunteering programs, in which you may not be with a nurse but it can get you in the right area to meet the right people to ask. If all else fails, call Human Resources at your local hospital and they may direct you to Nursing Education Department or the Nursing Administration Dept. Also, there are several open house events and seminars that are on hospital websites that are open to the public and you could attend to get an overview of what nurses do.

Here is a web link I found that you can browse as well. ....http://www.internships.com/summer

Hope this helps, thanks.


Answered 7 years ago

Tamara Eve Anderson