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Suzanne Payne

I have been an NP since 1995. I have had many jobs that were not the "typical" NP job. I think there are many opportunities that are out there. The good thing about being an NP is that (according to the state you live in) you can also work as an RN.
Maybe you need to reflect on what you are burnt out by, is it a large patient load, difficult physicians, care level of patients? insurance issues?
I would think about what is making it difficult and see if there is opportunity for change if not, then maybe teaching?
hope this helps

Answered 4 years ago

Suzanne Payne


I have been an oncology nurse for 18 years and can understand getting tired of doing the same thing. There was so many ways I could change my job such as working in patient, outpatient, chemo infusion, research, etc. that I was able to do when I got tired of one job that did the same thing over and over. I am now working in research for ICU neuro patients so it is something new and so far from my past experience other than research. The reason why I mention this is I want to know if there is anything you are interested in that you can utilize your past experience? Maybe work for a legal office with your experience as a consultant, etc. If you can connect another job that is completely different and still be able to utilize your experience maybe a thought. You can also do research for a pharmaceutical company or researcher? I just don't know why you are burnt out being an NP. If I knew that, maybe I would understand more and have something else to say about it.

Answered 3 years ago