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I am not sure whether I should drop a class with a W or risk getting a C or lower.

My biology teacher is literally the worst. Everyone I know is struggling, I am doing better in adjusting to his teaching skills, but my grade however is still a C from the first exam that brought my overall down. Biology has always been one of my better subjects, but I do not want this to bring down my overall GPA and put my acceptance to nursing school in jeopardy.

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Joni Thomas

This response may be too late, but things to consider before making your decision:
1. Is this the only professor that teaches this course? if so, go to your tutoring center to help you get through the course.

2. how will the "W" affect you?
- I assume it does not affect your GPA
- Will it affect any federal financial aid you may be receiving
- How will the nursing admissions committee perceive
- a "W' on your transcript
- if you stay in the class and earn "C" and retake the class
- also, if you retake the class will both grades be factored in your GPA.

Answered 6 years ago

Joni Thomas