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You can find your passion through exposure during your clinicals as well as your bookwork. During your clinicals, you are exposed to OR, ER, oncology, Telemetry, ICU, NICU, pediatrics, in patient, ortho, bone marrow transplants, neuro, maternity, Labor and delivery, community, hospice and end of life care. It goes on. These are just some I can think of. Having the opportunity to experience all the different types of jobs you can have as a nurse during nursing school, this should help you find your specialty. You need to have a good basic knowledge and understanding of nursing which is what every nurse probably needs. From there, they can go into a more specialty area. An example, if you like the OR. You can maybe decide you want to get your masters and become a nurse anesthetist, etc. You may enjoy being a clinic nurse or in patient nurse. There is so much room to grow as a nurse. The coolest thing is when you are tired of one nursing job, you don't have to go back to school because there is so much variety in the field. Good luck. You will find your passion. No worries! :)

Answered 9 years ago