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Vanessa Rivera

Hello, nursing is an awesome field to go into. I am glad to read that you find the human body fascinating which indeed it really is! I would suggest that you find a volunteer position in a hospital and see if that is an environment you would like to be a part of. It is hard for me to say if the field "is right for you" i think that is something we all decide for ourselves. As far as hours nurses usually work 12 hour shifts at a time and the pay depends on 1.what kind of nurse you are & experience 2. degree 3. department you work in 4. Varies by state. i would google "pay rate in California for nurses" to get an idea. But please remember at the end of the day it is not all about the money. you can make tons of money, but if you are not fulfilled is it really worth it?


Answered 8 years ago

Vanessa Rivera