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An LPN/LVN license takes 1 year. It is a vocational type of nurse.
There is a 2 year (ADN) RN and a 4 year RN school (BSN). Sometimes it is financially feasible to take the 2 year RN)ADN) and then work at a hospitals or facility that assists RN's to get their BSN. They will reimburse and pay for your BSN courses so you don't have to pay a 4 year degree, only a 2 year. :) Learned that after I received my BSN school and still paying student loans. To start, you have to go to nursing school and get a degree. Once you have that, you can apply to a pediatric area. It's that easy. When you go to nursing school, you are exposed to every type of nursing job you can have in the field. If pediatric is your dream, go to school and do your networking while you are in school during your clinicals, instructors, etc. You build relationships to help guide you into what you want to do. Best of luck.

Answered 8 years ago