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Just because you are not good at something, does not mean you cannot become better at it. It just takes more practice and a good teacher. There are so many jobs that require math. Maybe you can take some premedial courses to help you get your math skills up to par. Math is like building blocks. You start from the bottom and keep working up and building on it. So find where your foundation level is and work up. :) Don't ever think you cannot improve on a weakness. If you really want to be an RN, get comfortable with your math skills. there are a lot of classes that are difficulty in anything as well as nursing school and not just math. You have to work at it. Start at the level you feel comfortable with and go from there. You will feel so proud of yourself to accomplish something you worked so hard for. That's the best feeling you can give yourself. Go accomplish something you can gain from. :) Best of luck!

Answered 9 years ago