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Should I transfer universitys?

I want to transfer to a university with its nursing school on campus unlike the university i am currently enrolled at where i would have to move cities after 3 semesters on the main campus. the other university was my second choice however now that I'm at the larger university i think it would be better for me academically as i am struggling with the large class sizes and also socially. i believe the university I'm at as a more academically challenging path for the nursing program, however, i believe the other university could offer me just as much as where i am, i just do not know what to do

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Joni Thomas

Even though location and class size are important issues, you may want to also look at what each program has to offer. I would recommend you talk to an academic advisor and/or faculty members in each nursing program.

Faculty become mentors/advisors for students in their programs, so to get the most out of your education, you want to select a nursing program that is right for you. Establishing a relationship with a faculty advisor may help you beyond which courses to take each semester. They may also advise you in:

1. career opportunities
2. specialization within the nursing profession
3. encouragement to consider graduate school

Good Luck to you!

Answered 6 years ago

Joni Thomas