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What are the steps to becoming an optometrist after receiving a bachelors of art degree

I decided i want to be an optometrist but I'm already a 3rd year and it's too late to change my major.

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John Mulbah

Hi, first thing but not the least I always tell most students that , you have to really love a career and the motive of wanting to pursue such profession. becoming an optometrist takes lot of times and processes. Ultimately it is a career, which focuses on diagnosing vision problems and treatment. Hence, there are numerous steps. first, while in school you have to develop interest in science classes such as biology, chemistry and physiology. your performance in these courses will determine your chances of pursuing such career but if you already covered such classes that is OK, primarily obtaining a under grade in course like biology will help you for admission, third, you have to take the CAT test, which is the full requirements for getting into the optometry profession. or you can enroll in the CAT preparatory class in order to improve your self. To become a doctor, it takes years and must be accredited institutions Based on these steps, I advice that you concentrate and make a sound judgment, but I will recommend that you stay on course with your current career and probably think on pursuing the master program Please let me know if you have any concerns or comments.

Answered 7 years ago

John Mulbah