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Dan Nguyen

I did not go to pharmacy school but I did go to medical school. Many of my classmates in college were pre-pharm so I have some knowledge on this subject. Pharmacy is competitive and have a few more requirements compared to pre-med on top of the PCAT that must be taken. Aside from maintaining a GPA of about 3.5 minimum, make sure your science GPA is equal to greater than your general GPA. If you are able to get a job as a pharm tech, that would give you experience in the actual field. Things to do that would make you unique compared to other applicants would be to do research in biochemistry or medicinal chemistry. Make sure you have other hobbies/interest/activities aside from science/medicine. Apply broad, again, pharm school is competitive, whichever school you get into, you go. Unlike law school, any graduate program pertaining to medicine/health is all equal unless you want to focus on research instead becoming a clinician.
hope this helps.

Answered 5 years ago

Dan Nguyen