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Jonathan Wall

The school(s) you end up applying to will look at your cumulative GPA and your science GPA separately, and both are calculated by PharmCAS when you apply.

With the way your question is worded, I can't determine if that GPA is for your per-requisites or if it's 3 years worth of classes. Depending on the school, they may have a minimum requirement for applicants, so I'd talk to someone from the school in particular to get an idea as to what the minimum and average acceptances are.

For example, for UCSF School of Pharmacy:
"To be eligible to apply, applicants must have a minimum, cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.80 as calculated by PharmCAS as of the November 1, 2014 deadline. For information about GPA ranges of admitted students, see About the Students."

UCSF also words it nicely that worrying about your GPA alone should not influence your decision to apply.
"Q: Should I still apply if my grade point average is just above the minimum of 2.80?
A: Admission is competitive and our evaluation is based on all aspects of the application in addition to your grade point average. This includes your science grades, curriculum, recommendations, essays, and interview results. Competition also varies from year to year depending upon the size and strength of the applicant pool. You should consider all of these factors and should not base your decision to apply solely on your GPA."

In my opinion, with a strong essay and good letters of recommendation, you should be competitive for most schools if you keep your GPA above 3.0

Answered 8 years ago

Jonathan Wall