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I am really looking into the career of pharmacy. Do I have to love my job in order to be good at it? What are the pros and cons of pharmacy?

I have always been good in science. However, my talent in art makes it hard for me to choose. Pharmacy stood out for me because it fit with my future life plan. However, chemistry has always been of least interest.

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Steve Zinaman

The pharmacy business is not like it used t be. In the past, a pharmacist could open his own pharmacy and do very well.

But today, the pharmacy business is dominated by the large big box stores and chains. So most pharmacists end up at Walmart or Walgreen's, or CVS, etc.

Stop by one of those stores, in the evening when it's slower, and ask to speak to the pharmacist. Ask about the hours and the pay. Ask about the growth potential within the company.

And then determine if it's a career path that you want to take. The pharmacist degree will require much specialized schooling and you might need to take some loans. See if the payback is viable.

Good luck. It is a noble career path.

Answered 7 years ago

Steve Zinaman