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Pharmacy is an amazing career. Not just the community/retail setting or the hospital setting, but a plethora of avenues like nuclear, working for FDA, NIH, CDC (research and drug information), traveling pharmacists (to other countries or within the US), compounding, biotechnology, ambulatory care (working in a clinic), academia (teach!), advocates (for large pharmacy organizations and pushing governmental issues), etc. It is safe to say, it'll never be boring. You can focus on so many different disease states (I can't even choose one right now and I'm finishing up my last year of pharmacy school, hoping I will decide soon). Patients will come with anything and everything and you must be a people person. Communication is the number one when it comes to patient-centered care. You can work in any setting, schools offer many programs like dual degree with MBA, public health, etc. The best advice, volunteer or get a tech license and find out if any pharmacy aspect intrigues you. Then when you are ready to apply, go to seek advice from your advisor, pharmacists, and other staff who knows about their career tasks and goals. With that said, I'm more excited than ever to see where my future takes me. I hope you find the advice you need along this awesome journey, never settle for less, always be positive and be happy that you have the opportunity to decide where you want to go. :) Life isn't going to be a straight line, but you can do so much to make the most out of it. It'll be so much fun :) if you are shy, this "new" life will let you be whoever, show that you are trustworthy, ethical, and genuinely there for people. :) true story.

Answered 9 years ago