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You can pursue many careers with a PharmD. Most well-known is being a pharmacist in a community pharmacy such as CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walgreens. Additionally, there are pharmacists in the hospital. A pharmacist in a hospital may check medication orders before nurses administer medications to patients; act as a medication safety officer by making sure patients are getting safe doses of medications; be a pharmacist that works alongside doctors providing medication interventions; or even managing investigational medications the hospital has. Further, there are pharmacists that work in pharmaceutical companies. These pharmacists answer inquiries about specific medications that are directed directly to the drug companies. A pharmacist can also work at an insurance company and evaluate whether the medications the insurance companies pay for are providing effective care at the lowest cost possible. Another setting is within primary care clinics. Here a pharmacist can have patient appointments like a doctor would. The pharmacist may have an agreement with the doctor that allows the pharmacist to adjust medications for certain conditions. Pharmacy is a diverse field and worth looking in to!

Answered 9 years ago